Today’s inspiration: treehouses

I love the way they look…and how tall they are. You can almost see how much imagination and creativity that goes on within them. Tree-houses. are. so. cool!

When I was little my Dad built us a treehouse out of three small, round wooden planks in our backyard. One for each of us. It was very simple/humble. Everyday after school, Melinda, Devyn, and I would go outside and play inside it into the night. It was like our little “clubhouse”.  Later, my Dad built a pulley-system that would let you swing from the top of the treehouse all the way to the other end of the yard. It was so much fun! We would take turns swinging on it all day. Thinking back, we had a pretty good childhood.

So…in honor of the good ol’ days, I wanted to show you all these awesome tree-houses, inspired by my childhood (plus some intense imagination and creativity).

**edit**: All images above are unknown. If you know any of these sources, let me know and i’ll change it. thanks!

Aren’t they beautiful? How amazing would it be to spend a weekend in one of these and sleep all day long? :)


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